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Creative Congee is a blog for and about recreation. It is born out of the minds of two cousins on December 18, 2008. We hope that you’ll find here a good mix of news, features, and opinions about cars, games, movies, technology and travel. Oh, and be sure to always visit us!

Admin CCM is trying to think of something witty to write here. Unfortunately, not being any sort of English major or having any journalistic prowess, this task will prove quite difficult! Admin CCM enjoys watching television and movies, especially foreign ones. In addition to that, Admin CCM attempts to stay on top of current technologies and cars. The one idealism that Admin CCM attempts to keep through life is to keep everything in perspective and to enjoy everything to the fullest, despite whatever disappointments life may throw at you.

Although more of a technology enthusiast, Admin Loki still can provide your Creative Congee nourishment as he is also  TV and movie fanatic, and an Internet-savvy bug. He enjoys reading about the paranormal and the supernatural, yet he still keeps a light and optimistic view in life. He is optimistic yet a bit emo, a bit emo but still logical, still logical yet sentimental, sentimental yet quite irrational, and irrational yet optimistic. Oh, and he loves drawing and designing, too!