Nights with Jigoku Shoujo

Recognize this seal? If you do, then you must have heard of the existence of a website known as Hotline to Hell, Hell Correspondence, or Jigoku Tsushin which can only be accessed at midnight. And if you have heard of such website, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the girl that ferries people to hell, known popularly as Hell Girl or Jigoku Shoujo.

Jigoku Shoujo: Girl from Hell is a story about Enma Ai, a young girl with strikingly wide red eyes who takes revenge on behalf on others. All it takes is typing the name of your most hated person in the Hotline to Hell website for Ai to visit you. She then hands you a straw doll with a red string wound on its neck. Should you pull the string, the target– the person you wanted revenge upon–will instantly be ferried to hell.

Ai is accompanied by three loyal assistants: an old man who can turn into a coach to aid Ai in travelling between their ‘sunset’ world and the human world; a young man who can see virtually anywhere by manifesting an eye on the location, and a woman who often pretends and interacts with humans most of the time (unlike the other two) to investigate on those who used the Hell Correspondence website.

These three, in my opinion, make the animé series exciting, surreal, and gory, as they come with an array of supernatural powers that makes a revenge sweet–bittersweet actually, as the soul of the avenged person will also go to hell. “When one person is cursed, two graves are dug.” Ai narrates this before the episode ends, as a candle for the avenged (yet cursed) one is lit.

I’m yet to start the second season of Hell Girl, Jigoku Shojo: Futakomori as I am still finishing my marathon of another TV series. But I know this series’ second season will at least be as exciting as the first, what with the introduction of another girl who is way younger than Ai. But this time, in contrast with Ai’s red eyes, this new girl’s are of a striking and scary blue. I’m excited!


4 Responses to “Nights with Jigoku Shoujo”

  1. Arisu-chan on January 27, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    this isn’t true…:(i wish it was.

  2. Admin Loki on January 28, 2009 at 12:53 am

    Err, Arisu-chan, what’s not true?

  3. makre on February 2, 2009 at 4:25 am

    Yow Loki! Woah still a long way to go on JS. Kikuri is a mysterious girl and she is someone to look forward on the series. ^^

    Don’t forget to include Jigoku Shoujo: Mistuganae on your queue ^o^

    Ingats! :D

  4. Admin Loki on February 2, 2009 at 9:38 am

    Makeeeers! Yep, I know I have a loooooong way to go, but I’m watching various things so as not to get bored with the same story and same plot.

    I’m kinda mystified with this blue-eyed Kikuri girl, as I have seen a few episodes of JS: Futakomori already before I decided to change series (currently trapped in the Supernatural-dom).

    Your comment is very well appreciated, and yeah, JS: Mitsuganae is in my queue, of course after JS: Futakomori. Thanks!

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