Happy Holidays and Naruto Arena

First off, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! And may all be blessed this coming 2009.

Now, on to the feature of this post: Naruto Arena. This is one cool online game I’ve been playing since 2006.

What’s in Naruto Arena that I find addicting, you ask? Well, first off, it is about one of my favorite animé series. Second, it is online, so it is easily accessible. Third, there’s progress in this online game, similar to an RPG: there’s levelling up and gaining ranks, plus, you get to unlock other characters through missions which follow the series’ plot (and Naruto Arena’s in the Shippuden timeline now).

In the game, you command your chosen team of ninjas in the Naruto world in a turn-based, card game setting. And the complexity of the game depends on your progress in-game. Just check the website for more details in playing, as I’m sure you will be checking it out. So if you’re addicted to Naruto and are into card games as well, then I recommend you play this game!


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