Goodbye, Kyle XY

I feel depressed when I learned a few days back that Kyle XY is going to end abruptly today due to low ratings (according to several news sources). I haven’t even finished my review on the series’ first season and today they’re already ending it? It’s so sudden.

I guess I am this affected since I see a Kyle Trager in me: that innocent and child-like young man who seem to be endlessly amazed by the world. And like Kyle, I too have quite a number of shoulders to lean on comfortaly and reliably, despite being weird at times.

Yesterday, I was able to watch the music video of Katy Perry‘s Thinking of You, and I was surprised seeing Matt Dallas (the great actor behind Kyle XY’s being) opposite the singer. In the video (the second version, actually), Matt dies during the Second World War, while Katy ‘plays’ with another man in bed, providing irony and contrast. With prevailing memories of the series Kyle Xy, I somehow associated Matt’s death and Katy’s betrayal in the video to Kyle XY’s end and ABC’s denying of what Kyle XY truly deserves: a proper end. Anyway, here’s the music video of Thinking of You (credits to Space Lan House):

I’m going to miss Kyle XY.


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