Supernatural Got Season Five!

Awesome! There will be more ghost hunting, ghost busting, and the eventual facing of doomsday with the approval of Supernatural‘s fifth season!

The CW Network approved renewals of their top six series, including our beloved Supernatural. In “CW Signals It’s Sticking Around by Renewing 6 Series,” they mentioned which ones are renewed:

In addition to “Smallville,” the series renewed for next season are “Gossip Girl,” “90210,” “America’s Next Top Model” (cycles 13 and 14), “One Tree Hill” and “Supernatural.” While the solid ratings for all six shows made pickups likely, the renewals were not all foregone conclusions.

I’m finished with the third season and just waiting for the fourth season compilation now. It feels great that there is more to look forward to! Kudos to the people behind Supernatural.


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