Shaman King Returns!

Finally, Shaman King‘s manga series will have its “perfect” ending. Pressured from the fans of the series to have a proper ending to the sereis (as against the premature and confusing ending in Chapter 285: After The Dream), the official website of the Kanzenban... Read the full post.

Buso Renkin: Lances, Lacerating Skirts and Weird Butterflies

Here’s one of those alchemy-related animé series: Buso Renkin (Armament Alchemist in English). It’s a rather short series, consisting of only 26 episodes. I find the number ample (a little on the dismayingly ample side, though) as the storyline sort of squeezed itself in that limited number of episodes.

The story of Buso Renkin revolves around Kazuki Muto, a high school student who... Read the full post.

Nights with Jigoku Shoujo

Recognize this seal? If you do, then you must have heard of the existence of a website known as Hotline to Hell, Hell Correspondence, or Jigoku Tsushin which can only be accessed at midnight. And if you have heard of such website, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the girl that ferries people to hell, known popularly as Hell Girl or Jigoku Shoujo.

Jigoku Shoujo: Girl from Hell is... Read the full post.

Animé / Manga Section

In the section Animé / Manga, Creative Congee hopes to bring to you guys the latest and the greatest of all the mangas and animés in existence! We will be featuring and reviewing mangas and animés (of course) here in this section, and hope to invite you into reading them, too (if you’re not familiar to them yet). You  can even tell us what you have been reading and we’ll try to review them if we have the time. Just send an e-mail to with the subject “Animé Review: (title of the show)” or “Manga Review: (title of the comics).”

We at Creative Congee are hoping to fill this space up and make it a busy review center for... Read the full post.